Find out why: "Blockchain is the next step in the evolution of the internet"


Do you feel left out when a conversation moves to blockchain a crypto?

What you need is a little knowledge.

Just enough to be dangerous...

You’re in the right place. 

Be part of the Blockchain Evolution.

Or whether this is an area where your future will be?

Wondering if what you read out there about it is the real deal or puffery?

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Hussein CEO and founder of Next Decentrum, is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder with over 25 years of business experience. 

Over his career, he has developed 20 startups and used his extensive experience as the General Manager of Launch Academy to mentor and train thousands of entrepreneurs. 

(Launch Academy is one of North America’s leading tech incubators with over 600 early-stage tech startups and $150+ Million raised.)

As a strategic advisor he has played an important role in several successfully funded tech and crypto startups including Fintrux, Traction Health, and Peace Geeks.

He also provides guidance and organizational expertise for conferences including Fintech & Funding, Traction Conf, CIX, and Van Funding. 

Hussein holds a bachelors in electronics engineering and has been featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, Roundhouse Radio, and Notable.


Hussein Hallak